Tips on How to Avoid Serious Knife Crimes at Your Venue

Every night thousands of young people will be flocking to nightclubs across the region simply to have a good time. While the majority will enjoy their night without hitch, some people can go too far. In recent years there has been a troubling rise in knife crimes across the country and nightlife venues have been a particular target. The alarming fact that more people are choosing to carry knives while having a complete disregard for the lives of others certainly brings a new challenge for venues. The consequences for businesses not only means serious injury or death to customers, but also that you may come under scrutiny and potentially lose your license.

Here are some of the top tips on how you can prevent serious knife crimes taking place at your venue.

Door Supervisors

One key security aspect you should look to implement for your venue security is without a doubt door supervisors. This is a vitally important role that will streamline the entry of guests to your venue. These supervisors will be able to restrict entry for a person or group who may be judged as potential troublemakers based on their behaviour and whether they are drunk or sober. They are highly trained in spotting suspicious behaviour and can carry out body searches to make sure that a person is not carrying anything that is banned from the venue. As part of this, the supervisors and other staff should take all precautions necessary to remove any waste that may be used as a weapon, such as glass bottles. When you work with a professional security firm, you can rest assured they will work with local councils and authorities and will be aware of the latest regulations.

Knife Arches

Knife arches have become one of the most popular forms of deterrents to combat knife crime. Simply put, it is a portable metal detector that is frequently used to detect whether someone is carrying a knife. Police forces throughout the country have used this method as part of their nightlife operations to prevent crime. In setting up a knife arch, you can ensure that no one will enter your premise if they are detected as being in possession of a weapon. The mere presence of this device can deter criminals from trying to enter and encourages customers that you are working to keep them safe.

Handheld Metal Detectors

Another device that has recently been brought in to help reduce knife crime is handheld metal detectors, something that is commonly described as a ‘knife wand’. These devices are much more portable than a knife arch and can be held. These type of detectors are used to scan right through a person’s body to see if they are in possession of a weapon. Once again, this is an important prevention measure that not only avoids a serious incident from taking place inside your venue, but also provides reassurance for your customers.