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Cash In Transit

Securing the safe collection and delivery of cash held in areas such as car parks, shops, licensed premises and more

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At Stage Security, we know the transportation of money can be challenging and potentially dangerous for businesses. Our cash in transit security service enables the safe collection and delivery of money for your business.

With any cash-in-transit scenario, staff and general public safety is paramount. Misplaced or stolen cash can cause severe financial damage and a poor reputation for you and your company. No matter the size of your business or the industry, when dealing with cash, it’s always crucial that money is transported safely.

Stage Security’s cash in transit specialists have years of experience providing security for the safe collection and delivery of money held on a range of premises, including car parks, sports centres, shops, licensed premises and logistics. Our security presence will reduce the risk of attacks and theft and ensure that your business’s cash collections and deliveries are carried out according to a secure and efficient schedule.

We will help your business save time and money. You don’t have to worry about the responsibility and time-consuming effort of yourself or an employee handling and transporting cash to and from deposit and collection locations. We work efficiently to ensure a quick process, allowing you to receive funds swiftly and safely. With our cash-in-transit service, we operate flexibly and can collect and deposit cash on a schedule that suits you and your business most.

What our clients say...

Business We Provide CIT For:

  • Car Parks
  • Licensed Premises
  • Logistics
  • Sports Centres
  • Shops and Supermarkets
  • Local Government
  • Theatres and Cinemas
  • And much more...

The Key Areas of Cash In Transit

How Does Cash-In-Transit Security Work?

Stage Security provides the physical transportation of your monies, including banknotes and coins, from one location to another. Cash collections are delivered by SIA-trained security personnel using our fleet of electric vehicles to collect your cash from the agreed premises and deliver it to your chosen location. We work closely with clients to agree on the frequency and process required for each cash collection based on their unique requirements, ensuring everyone is on the same wavelength regarding the dates and times and where it will be collected and delivered. Our team will discuss your requirements with you in detail to ensure the service we put in place meets your goals.

Before we commence cash-in-transit security, we will survey the site where the monies are due to be collected and ensure our team creates clear and detailed assignment instructions. Our SIA-licensed officers carry out cash collection across the region of East Anglia with our fully electric fleet of vehicles, which adds benefit in helping clients achieve their carbon reduction goals.

The Areas We Cover With This Cash-In-Transit Service

While our main office is based in Ipswich, Suffolk, we have expanded significantly in recent years and can now serve more areas than ever. We primarily work across East Anglia and southern parts of the United Kingdom along the east coast. Adequate cash in transit requires our team to be able to collect and deliver cash safely within our service area. Areas we can cover include Ipswich, Colchester, Norwich, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Harwich, Clacton, Thetford, Felixstowe, and Stowmarket, to name just a few. We will create a customised schedule tailored to your business and reduce the risk of revenue loss or attacks on your staff and premises.

The above information is merely guidance, and we're happy to work with businesses to find a solution that fits everyone concerned. Please don't hesitate to contact us to see if our cash-in-transit security services will be available in your area.

What’s the Process for Organising Cash Collection?

The first step for organising cash collection is to contact our security experts by requesting a quote, calling the office at 01473 706 934 or emailing Our team of industry experts will arrange to call or meet in person at your site to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will work with you to plan and schedule the cash collections to your convenience and can help advise on best industry practices and frequencies based on your needs. Our cash collections are tailored to meet each business's needs, meaning that your cash collection plan is bespoke to your requirements.

How Cash-In-Transit Security Helps Prevent Robberies

Experienced cash-in-transit companies like ourselves use efficient security measures, robust training and strategic planning to prevent robberies when moving money around. Hiring a dedicated company to move your cash ensures professionals take appropriate steps while keeping your employees from harm. A crucial part of cash-in-transit to prevent a robbery is carefully planning the route. We choose unpredictable paths, avoid high-risk areas, and vary routes and schedules to prevent organised criminals from targeting us. Cash-in-transit vehicles are usually fitted with advanced security measures, including GPS tracking for real-time monitoring, while the cash is securely locked away in the van.

We recruit only the best cash in transit guards who are fully vetted and qualified. Our guards are trained in conflict resolution, situational awareness and emergency protocols, ensuring they use adequate procedures to stay calm under pressure while keeping your money safe. The guards regularly communicate with a 24/7 control room to provide updates on the collection and delivery of cash while notifying them of any suspicious activities. In many scenarios, the visibility of uniformed guards and marked vehicles can be enough to put off potential criminals. Cash-in-transit specialists have a strong working relationship with emergency services such as local police forces, helping them share information about suspicious activity or high-risk situations and guaranteeing a quick response when needed.

We conduct regular audits to assess vulnerabilities and implement improvements, helping us adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape and avoid complacency from setting it at any point. We are also happy to educate our clients about additional security measures when handling and transporting cash, advising them on how to improve their role outside of our cash-in-transit responsibilities.

Rapid Eco-Friendly Vehicles to Protect Your Cash

A successful cash-in-transit security service is only possible with an outstanding fleet of vehicles. We know it's vital to provide a robust, quick and secure operation, which is why our vehicles are essential members of the Stage Security team. We have an extensive vehicle fleet, and all our vans and cars are fully electric, helping us reach our goal of becoming carbon-neutral. The fleet plays a vital role in all of our security services. With cash-in-transit, the vehicles allow our trained guards to attend sites quickly to collect cash and securely store the money in the vehicles. The cash is then safely delivered to where it needs to be as fast as possible.

Stage Security's vehicles provide several benefits to our customers, including a fast and robust response time. As they are fully electric, we are helping the environment by carrying out our duties and keeping you secure without damaging the earth we live on. For businesses with eco-friendly policies, we know partnering with a company that shares the same principles is essential. We will reduce the responsibility and burden on you so cash is safely collected and delivered in line with your requirements.

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Why Should You Choose Us for Cash In Transit?

Safe Cash Management

Our cash-in-transit security team are experts at ensuring the safe collection and delivery of cash. We will make sure that your money makes it to where it needs to be, whether a customer-facing destination or a bank so that it reaches your account. Rest assured that your cash is safe with us.

Our Experts Work Quickly

The priority for us is not just the safe collection and delivery of cash, but to achieve this in an efficient manner. We know just how important it is for your business that revenue continues to flow in and out at a steady pace. Our cash in transit service is carried out swiftly without sacrificing safety or quality.

Scheduled to Your Business Needs

We will work closely with you to ensure that every cash in transit job is delivered to a schedule that suits. Whenever is best for you, our trusted guards will pick up and drop off the cash at several locations. We will also offer advice and suggestions on how to vary the schedule for maximum security.

The Responsibility is All Ours

Managing the secure collection and delivery of cash can be a stressful and dangerous task. We take all of the responsibility off your hands so you don't have to worry about incidents arriving at your own feet. Our team is fully qualified, insured and experienced to conduct safe cash in transit security.

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Our Previous Work

We are an experienced company across the entire security sector, having supported businesses and events throughout the UK. Here are some examples of the previous work the Stage Security team has delivered.

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