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Key Holding

We operate a secure holding of keys to premises, allowing us to be the first point of call and entry in the event of alarm activation

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At Stage Security, we can become the first point of call and entry in the event of an alarm activation on your Ipswich or Suffolk business premises. Should an incident arise, we can attend on-site and deal with it as necessary.

Keyholding is a vital service in ensuring that businesses in and around Ipswich and Suffolk are protected and supported at all hours. Our keys are securely held and should your keys become misplaced, we can provide access any time of day. You can rest assured that if your own keys are lost or stolen, there will always be a set that is safely stored and ready for when you need them, preventing you from being locked out of your premises.

We believe that being a key holder is vital in ensuring that we can act quickly as required, allowing our trained specialists to take control of any active situation that may arise. Should a dangerous circumstance appear, it’s always the safest option that trained security professionals are the ones that deal with it. This prevents your employees from being endangered as they don’t have to be the personnel who respond first. It also ensures that their productivity is not disturbed the following working day as they won’t have to worry about early morning wake up calls by responding to suspicious activity. Appointing us as your designated key holder will remove the need to manage internal key holders so you don’t have to worry about your keys being in insecure hands or confusion arising from having multiple internal key holders.

Our Ipswich security team will be able to access your premises 24/7 and if required, will coordinate emergency repairs involving external partners such as the police, glaziers and locksmiths. They will only leave the area when it is certain that your premises are fully secured. Once the situation has been dealt with, the keys will be safely returned to the secure storage facility.

Key holding is most effective when used alongside our alarm response service. Should an alarm be activated, we will send out our security specialists to access the property and to determine what the current status is. They will act appropriately to defuse the situation themselves or by immediately alerting police if criminal activity is suspected.

With a large portion of the country’s workforce working from home and lockdown restrictions in place, we understand that your premises may currently be empty and vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. If you are worried, you can trust us to keep your property and business safe. We are Covid-19 Secure and ready to keep supporting you during this testing time.  Request a quote today to see how we can help.

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Our Ipswich Key Holding Service Includes:

  • Secure Key Holding & Storage
  • Rapid Security Response
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Spare Keys
  • Lockout Out Prevention
  • Site Surveys
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Why Should You Choose Us for Key Holding?

Protect Premises

We will be there to protect your Ipswich business at all hours. Our team will be the first to respond on site and will act to regain control and prevent any further damage. A spare key will be safely stored so that access will never be an issue for you or us.

Adaptable Solutions

We have years of experience delivering a wide range of services throughout the country and across sectors, including corporate, construction, retail, warehouses and events. We've have demonstrated our ability to adapt to each client.

Instant Response

We know just how important it is to act swiftly as soon as there are signs of an ongoing situation. With alarm response and mobile patrols, we are alerted accordingly. A team will be immediately dispatched to assess the situation and restore full security.

No Obligation Quote

We can offer you a free, no obligation quote for any of our services and we aim to provide flexible packages specific to you. We know every business is different which is why we supply you with control over your security needs.

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