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Alarm Response

Our rapid response units will respond to alarm activations, ensuring premises have a priority security presence when needed

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Stage Event Security is a leading business when it comes to ensuring a swift alarm response. We will send out rapid alarm response units to your business premises to provide a priority secure presence in the event of an alarm activation.

Alarms are one of the clearest indicators that there is an active security situation at a location. Time is of the essence in ensuring the safety of the premises and alerting the emergency services if there are any signs of criminal activity. If no alarm system is in place, or if the system isn’t functioning as intended, this provides criminals with all the time they need to carry out their activity. Not having an effective alarm system can cause your business to lose valuable items and sensitive data, not to mention a significant loss in revenue.

Having an alarm installed and operating effectively is only one critical step to securing your business. The visible presence of an alarm system can significantly discourage criminals, but a lot of criminals operate on the calculated risk that no one will respond, or at least in a timely fashion. So what actually happens when the alarm is triggered? The audible sound of the alarm may alert attention to neighbours and cause trespassers to scupper, but it remains essential that someone turns up quickly to secure the area. This is where we come in with our alarm response service. As soon as we are aware of an active alarm, we will send out a response unit to assess the situation and determine if there is a threat.

Installing an alarm system and making use of our visible security presence will act as a deterrent to anyone who attempts to unlawfully enter the premise and prevent any further damage to your business should a break-in occur.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the UK are currently closed. Criminals may use the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to gain entry. Alternatively, an alarm may accidentally be triggered and in the current climate, you will find it difficult to attend and deactivate. Our security teams are still operating as normal and in these difficult times will provide a swift alarm response throughout the Ipswich and Suffolk regions.

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Our Alarm Response Service Includes:

  • Rapid Response to Alarm Activations
  • Securing Business Premises
  • Alerting Emergency Services if Needed
  • Regular Alarm Monitoring
  • Assessing Active Threats
  • Out of Hours Calls
  • Handling Situations Appropriately
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