We're fully operational during these difficult times with the capacity to deploy guarding or deliver mobile patrols at short notice. If we can support your requirements, even in the short-term, please get in touch 01473 706 934

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Mobile Patrols

We ensure premises are visited and checked with a visible security presence, especially during the twilight hours

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Our mobile patrols service is designed to protect your business premises from intruders. We will ensure your premises are visited and checked routinely, offering a visible presence and a deterrent to criminals, especially during the twilight hours.

Security system technologies such as cameras and alarms are important tools for preventing and recording crime, but they do have their limits. There are cases where your business may be better protected through a reliable mobile patrol service.

Using our environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, our mobile patrols will provide a visible presence in patrolling your business premises. We will not only act as a deterrent but also be able to conduct swift action should we suspect suspicious or criminal activity is taking place.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, now is perhaps more important than ever to secure your business. Criminals may use the lack of presence at your premises to their advantage. Please get in touch with us to find out more about how our mobile patrols service can protect you during the Coronavirus crisis. We support businesses in Ipswich, Suffolk and throughout the UK.

What our clients say...

Mobile Patrols Includes:

  • Manned Visible Presence
  • Patrols Outside Perimeter
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Protection Outside Business Houses
  • Routine Visits & Checks to Premises
  • Environmentally-Friendly Electric Vehicles
  • Swift Response to Criminal Activity
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Why Should You Choose Us for Mobile Patrols?

Visible Presence

At the core of our mobile patrols service is ensuring a visible presence to safeguard your business when crime is most likely to hit. Our security personnel will act as a visible deterrent around the exterior of your premises, warding off any potential criminals lurking in the vicinity.

Ongoing Protection

At Stage Event Security Ltd, we recognise that our clients require shielding from criminal threats at any time, night or day. Our mobile patrols service is set up to provide businesses with manned security when they have locked up for the day. We will be there when your premises is most vulnerable, such as the twilight hours.

Swift Response

Our fleet of vehicles allow us to patrol the area as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can cover more ground than if we were on foot and are equipped to act accordingly in the event of a threat. Should criminal activity occur, our trained security guards can respond swiftly and professionally to control the situation.

Environmentally Friendly

We believe in a greener future which is why we are delighted to confirm our commitment in taking positive action that protects the planet. We operate a fleet of environmental-friendly electric vehicles. When patrolling your business, you don't have to worry about us leaving a carbon footprint.

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