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Mobile Patrols

We ensure business premises are visited and checked with a visible security presence, especially during the twilight hours

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Our mobile patrols service is designed to protect your business premises from intruders. We will ensure your premises are visited and checked routinely, offering a visible presence and a deterrent to criminals, especially during the twilight hours.

Security system technologies such as cameras and alarms are essential tools for preventing and recording crime, but they have their limits. There are cases where your business may be better protected through a reliable mobile patrol service. By investing in a fully managed security service, you will benefit from a robust, flexible and quick solution. The core of this service is all about providing the necessary human touch. Visible patrols will scare away criminals and allow professional security personnel to respond to active incidents and investigate areas not picked up by cameras or alarms. Security patrols are most effective when used in conjunction with technological security systems.

Our mobile patrols will provide a visible presence in patrolling your business premises using our environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. It means that we can quickly get from one place to another, especially if the site is extensive, without polluting the air with unnecessary exhaust fumes! We will not only act as a deterrent but also be able to conduct swift action should we suspect suspicious or criminal activity is taking place. We are a UK-wide security firm and are more than happy to discuss how we can support your business.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about how our mobile patrols service can protect you. We support businesses in Ipswich, Suffolk and throughout the UK.

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What our clients say...

Our Mobile Patrols Service Includes:

  • A Manned Visible Presence
  • Mobile Patrols Outside Perimeter
  • Crime Deterrent at All Hours
  • Protection Outside Business Hours
  • A Fleet of Fully Marked Patrol Vehicles
  • Routine Visits & Checks to Premises
  • Environmentally-Friendly Electric Vehicles
  • Swift Response to Criminal Activity

The Key Areas of Mobile Patrols

Crime Prevention

While crime is sometimes unfortunately inevitable, businesses should always aim to reduce the risk of criminal activity. That starts with implementing effective crime prevention measures. Technology may prevent crime to a limited extent, but our mobile patrols service can help take your security to a whole new level. We believe the first step in a working security solution is to prevent crime as much as is feasible. Security patrols have been proven to reduce the risk of criminal activity such as theft, vandalism and trespassing. Thanks to the use of marked cars and visible clothing, it is clear to anyone within the area that a security presence is in place. This sends out a significant warning to criminals scoping out the premises. It's important that a regular patrol takes place and that certain areas, such as CCTV blind-spots, are investigated. We will always carry out risk assessments before undertaking a patrol job to determine the most effective security solutions to implement, to identify clear weaknesses, and to see where our priorities should lie.

Appropriate Action

If an incident does occur, it's essential that our security guards are on hand to deal with it in an appropriate way. We will carry a set of keys so that if required, we can open up the premises and investigate any suspicious activity. Our guards are trained to the highest of standard and are trained to prepare for anything, providing them with the flexibility required to deal with a variety of scenarios. Should criminal activity be detected, we will follow laws and industry regulations to bring the situation under control, which may involve chasing away or apprehending trespassers and alerting emergency services. Even after a situation has been brought under control and suspects detained, our work doesn't stop there. We will remain at the premises to continue our work in protecting the site and keeping a look out. If a break-in has caused damage, we will keep the point of entry secure until the issue has been rectified. As part of our mobile patrols work, we will also ensure that the place is fully secured with windows closed and doors locked after you have closed for the day.

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Mobile Operations

The key to an effective mobile patrols service is in the title. No matter what, we must be mobile! Our operations must be fully mobile in order to ensure an efficient and speedy security solution. It is vital that our guards can monitor and inspect the premises and surrounding perimeter at regular intervals, a point that is especially important on much larger sites. We know just how important it is that we can cover as much ground as possible when protecting a site. This is where our fleet of vehicles come into play. Each and every mobile patrol job is carried out with the assistance of a Stage Security van. Our security personnel use these vans to quickly get one from place to another, allowing us to regularly patrol the site and increase our capability of identifying security lapses. If suspicious activity is detected, it's imperative that we can respond swiftly to investigate, take action to eliminate risk, and limit any further damage to your business. Even better yet, our vehicles are now electric, allowing us to help in the fight for a greener future as well as combatting criminal activity.

What Type of Businesses Need Mobile Patrols Security?

Mobile patrols is a recommended security service for businesses that may be vulnerable and prone to criminal activity. In particular, it is an effective solution for business premises that are left vacated at certain times of the day, such as the twilight hours. Any type of business could benefit from out-of-hours security, but common examples include warehouses, construction sites, educational facilities, commercial offices, docks, and plants. This is not an exhaustive list, so please reach out to see if mobile patrols is suitable for your business. If cash, high-value items or personal information is stored on your premises, mobile guards will prevent significant loss to your business. However, it's important to note that this service is not just about preventing criminal damage. Mobile guards will identify and resolve additional risks like fires, floods and electrical hazards. We will limit the damage done to your business and ensure you remain fully operational the following day.

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Why Should You Choose Us for Mobile Patrols?

Visible Presence

At the core of our mobile patrols service is ensuring that there is a constant visible presence to safeguard your business when a crime is most likely to hit. Our security personnel will act as a visible deterrent around the exterior of your premises, warding off any potential criminals lurking in the vicinity.

Ongoing Protection

At Stage Security, we recognise that our clients require shielding from criminal threats at any time, night or day. Our mobile patrols service is set up to provide businesses with manned security when they have locked up for the day. We will be there when your premises are most vulnerable, such as in the twilight hours.

Swift Response

Our fleet of vehicles allows us to patrol the area as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can cover more ground than if we were on foot and are equipped to act accordingly in the event of a threat. Should criminal activity occur, our trained security guards can respond swiftly and professionally to control the situation.


We believe in a greener future which is why we are delighted to confirm our commitment to taking positive action that protects the planet. The mobile patrols team at Stage Security operates a fleet of environmental-friendly electric vehicles. When patrolling your business, you don't have to worry about us leaving a carbon footprint.

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