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Manned & Static Guarding

An effective static guarding solution that provides flexible manned patrols, night-watch and on-site security

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Technological advances in CCTV and access control have delivered important improvements in site safety. However, there are times when only a human presence will ensure real security. For such situations, we offer a reliable and cost-effective manned and static guarding service. We can provide site security personnel for as long or as short a time as you wish.

Manned guarding, also known as static guarding, is where property, sites or people are protected by qualified and professional security personnel. The aim of these security guards is to provide guarded protection against damage, destruction, theft or unauthorised access.

Manned guarding adds a vital layer of protection on all kinds of sites. Where employees, guests or members of the public may potentially be vulnerable, a trained and uniformed security officer provides a reassuring presence – and, of course, an important deterrent. Likewise, human eyes and ears can often pick up on things that even the best electronic systems can miss, and unlike cameras, static guarding staff can reposition themselves to investigate anything suspicious.

At Stage Event Security, with a full manned guarding solution in place, we can provide trained teams and individuals to protect property, sites and people. We can ensure a 24-hour presence, backed by reliable radio communications, and a static guarding service that works in tandem with any existing security measures.

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We Provide Manned & Static Guarding for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Plant & Offices on Temporary Sites
  • Docks, Warehouses & Logistics Hubs
  • Commercial & Industrial Premises
  • Protecting High-Value Assets in Transit
  • Personal Protection
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Why Should You Choose Us for Manned & Static Guarding?

Trained Guards

We know that the core of a successful manned guarding service lies with the personnel themselves. That's why we train our guards to the very highest SIA-approved standards and provide them with the required equipment. You can rely on our guards and can trust them to be capable of adapting to different situations.

Proactive Approach

At Stage Security, we firmly believe that the priority should be a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. By placing guards at your premises, we can significantly reduce the risk of criminal damage and theft, and protect your staff from harm's way. If an incident does occur, then our static guards can respond swiftly and firmly.

Human Control

Security technology, such as CCTV and alarm systems, are not only limited in how they function but can also experience glitches and outages. Manned guards provide the human touch that is needed for reliable and adaptable security. A manned presence is also more likely to deter criminals from engaging in criminal activity.

Tailored to You

We completely tailor our services to your business. When requesting a quote for static guarding, we will discuss your requirements and put together a solution that suits you. We are flexible in how we operate. It doesn't matter whether you require manned guarding at all hours or specific hours, or whether you require one guard or a team.

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