Taxi Marshal Scheme in Ipswich Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Ipswich Taxi Marshall Scheme, which aids over 3,500 individuals every month, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The scheme oversees taxi queues in Ipswich town centre every Friday and Saturday from 11:30pm until 4:30am, providing much-needed organisation and support to the nighttime economy.

Stage Security has played a vital role in operating the scheme, providing SIA-accredited security personnel to fulfil the role of taxi marshals.

The initiative was launched to prevent disorder and help queues flow quickly. The marshals coordinate queues at the Old Cattle Market bus station and help people in the city centre arrange a taxi home.

Ipswich Central, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore and Ipswich Borough Council jointly fund the scheme. Mr Passmore said:

“It is extremely important that Ipswich has a reputation as a safe and welcoming town where everyone can come to enjoy a drink, a meal or a trip to the cinema and theatre.

“Making our town centres safe and prosperous encourages people to visit and spend time and money enjoying what Suffolk has to offer.

“I am happy to financially support this Taxi Marshal initiative. I can see tangible benefits for the constabulary and for the people in Ipswich on weekend evenings.

“People will get home quicker and more safely, and fewer people hanging around when the pubs and clubs close will reduce potential disorder, which in turn will reduce the pressure on the police. Everyone wins.”

Terry Baxter, chairman of Ipswich Central, added:

“It is of paramount importance that people feel safe whilst out in the evening.

“Enabling people to find a taxi easily and safely at the end of their evening out is as important as the evening itself. We are delighted to continue to play a role in the Taxi Marshal scheme.”

Borough councillor John Cook said that for the past 10 ten years, marshals have helped businesses in Ipswich town centre support a safe night-time economy by being there to help Ipswich residents and visitors on a night out. He added:

“The marshals are a great example of a successful partnership working between Ipswich Central, Suffolk Police and Ipswich Borough Council.

“Huge thanks to Stage Security for ensuring that residents and visitors are marshalled safely from the town into taxis at the end of the evening to get home safely.”

Stage Security has been delighted to support Ipswich as part of the scheme and is looking forward to doing so in 2024 and beyond.