The Steps of an Effective and Professional Security Audit

Whether you are looking to implement event security, venue security, manned guarding, festival security or another security service, planning is one of the first crucial steps that you should carry out. With years of experience providing high-quality security solutions, we know just how much of a difference proper planning can make. A security audit is an essential aspect of the planning stage for identifying effective and safe solutions and determining how best to implement them.

We have provided a summary of some of the most important steps of a security audit…

Initial Site Inspection

A security audit can be a lengthy and highly involved process depending on the specific scenario. Factors that affect the audit include the venue size, surrounding environment and potential risks. One of the first and most important steps of a security audit is to carry out an initial site inspection. At Stage Security, we offer an initial inspection for free. The purpose of this first visit is to prepare the initial security plan and identify any risks associated with the venue and surrounding areas.

A site inspection presents us with an opportunity to identify any weaknesses and security gaps that require attention when it comes to implementing solutions. However, it’s also important not to gloss over effective solutions that are already in place. Maintaining what currently works at the high standard expected also forms a key part of the security plan, not just identifying new solutions.

Our site inspectors will look at various elements to gain a greater understanding of the security situation. This will include analysing the physical layout, access points, security personnel and technology that is in place.

Inspection Results and Guidance

When we have carried out the initial inspection, our team of security specialists will collate the findings into a report to provide you with an expert view. The report will outline a summary of the key areas that have been evaluated, providing guidance on what is currently in place, improvements that could be made and suggestions on additional measures to implement.

From the inspection, our specialists will identify vulnerable areas that have not yet been accounted for. We will also consider whether more budget is being spent on redundant elements than required as well as the level of training provided to staff in dealing with situations. The layout of the venue is one of the most important factors to consider. Areas that our inspectors will analyse include lighting, hiding spaces and roof access. The inspectors will also identify each access point available, how they are controlled and secured, and how their locations are communicated to employees and visitors.

The role of employees plays a signifiant part in preparing an effective security plan. As well as being able to manage the situation during an emergency, they should know how to follow procedures on a day-to-day basis. The initial plan will identify ways in which this may be neglected, such as employees being resistant to change or not following procedures for the sake of convenience. Depending on the specific scenario, the audit will examine whether manned guarding is required or not. If manned guarding already exists, the plan will look at the security guard’s effectiveness in responding to incidents, their access point control and and how often they patrol the area.

Technology is increasingly important for providing effective security and it forms a key part of the security analysis. Stage Security thoroughly investigates all the relevant technology that are currently implemented and where gaps have been identified, we will suggest cost-effective solutions. This will include examining how staff access the building and private areas, while also taking into account what happens to their access when they quit or are fired. It also examines how visitors access the building and how their entry and exit is recorded. Other technology aspects to consider include CCTV, frequency of changes to access codes, and how security personnel are notified of unauthorised activity.

Ultimately, the inspection should provide best practice guidance on the business’s ability to achieve guidelines and requirements in regards to health and safety, risk management, crowd management, and public liability.

Being Compliant with Local Authorities

If you are running an event, the responsibility of providing safe and secure solutions transcends your business. It is the duty of local authorities and emergency services to ensure that the event is being run safely and that legal requirements have been followed. When planning for your event, it’s extremely important to take these factors into account and to cooperate with local authorities every step of the way.

A security audit involves us working with local authorities and emergency services to make sure that the event is compliant with their requirements. We will seek the necessary requirements from the relevant authorities and use that information as part of the security plan. The plan will therefore identify the solutions that will best meet these requirements. Typically, local authorities and emergency services are most concerned about the safety and welfare of the public as well as how the event affects local businesses and the transport infrastructure.

The End Result of a Security Audit

The purpose of a security audit is as clear as can be. It is an essential part of the planning stage with the ultimate goal to deliver a safe and well organised event. The safety of the public as well as their overall satisfaction is absolutely paramount. As mentioned in the previous step, it’s also important to keep local authorities and emergency services satisfied. Failure to meet these goals can lead to negative results in terms of money and brand reputation. You want to avoid letting customers down, being sued due to a safety issue, or damaging relationships with local entities.

When we begin working with a new customer, we always carry out a professional security audit as early as possible during the partnership. The initial audit is generally the most thorough and in-depth stage to ensure that proper planning is conducted. For ongoing contracts, we carry out audits on a regular basis. These types of audits are used to assess whether the solutions implemented are being used to their full potential while also continuously monitoring for potential threats.

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