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Security planning is an essential part of conferences, exhibitions and events involving celebrities or VIPs. However, we understand that too obvious a security presence can send the wrong signals. We’re always very mindful that good VIP & corporate security should be both effective and discreet.

Keeping guests and dignitaries safe will always be our first priority, but our training and experience enables us to do it while maintaining a very low profile. We always operate in a friendly and approachable manner that keeps audiences happy and focused on the main event.

Before taking on a new project, we’ll take the time to understand your requirements and any specific challenges presented by the venue. Having done that, we’ll give you a considered proposal. We’ll take care of all your VIP & corporate security concerns so you can take care of your guests.

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We Provide VIP & Corporate Security for:

  • Business Awards
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • VIP Appearances
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions
  • TV Studios
  • Theatre Stage Doors
  • Premieres
  • Reality TV Shows
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