Discreet Crowd Management

Discreet Crowd Management and remembrance events.There are many aspects to this service and some events require a more sensitive take on crowd management.  Our staff are highly adaptable and used to working in this environment, showing respect, compassion whilst maintaining a high quality of security.

We have manned sombre events including Remembrance Services and large family funerals where they are seldom demanding physically the level of concentration required is something that our staff are well versed in.

When providing discreet crowd management we understand it is all about service and it requires a very different level of expertise to the more visible crowd management that we do.

Our staff have a high level of training and compassion.  We are able to provide male and female staff to ensure if people would rather they can deal with a member of the same sex.  Discreet Crowd Management is a specialist service and not one that is often required, we will listen patiently to your needs and offer you our own thoughts on how we could ensure the dignity of the event is preserved at all times.