Riverside Centre

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Chelmsford SIA licensed door supervisorsStage Event Security supply SIA licensed door supervisors to the Riverside Centre, Chelmsford, Essex, duties include;

  • A security sterile sweep of the centre before the customers enter,
  • Managing the queue of customers, monitoring the queue for changes in attitude, people moving out of position,
  • Alcohol awareness and to
  • Communicate show details ie timings, seating plans, toilets etc.
  • Managing the controlled entrance once clearance has been given by the event manager
  • Checking customers tickets

During the events we carry our the following duties;

  • Monitoring of behaviour patterns,
  • Licenced bar areas to be monitored,
  • Ensuring identification checks are taking place,
  • Challenge 25 policy enforcement,
  • Dealing with issues relating to excessive drinking,
  • Ensuring all venue staff are working in a safe and enjoyable environment,
  • Protecting the stage area both front and back
  • Ensuring that the performers are at all times safe to carry out their work and perform once again in a safe and enjoyable environment,
  • Constant monitoring of the audience throughout the event and to identify and rectify any incidents breaching venue and lawful rules,

After the event we provide the safe and prompt dispersal of the audience from the venue to designated carriages and ensuring the venue is left sterile as found.

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