We are looking for male and female SIA door supervisors required for venues in and around the Ipswich area. The position is one of responsibility for general health and safety and customer service. The strict fulfilment of licensing requirements, a firm basis in public relations and assisting in dealing with difficult people and situations.


SALARY: £10.20 - £12-50 per hour

HOURS: Part-time and full-time hours are available on a contract/permanent basis

LOCATION: Various venues within Ipswich and the surrounding areas

BENEFITS: Company Pension, Sick Pay, Paid Holidays

REQUIREMENTS: Must hold an active front line SIA licence

OTHER: Monthly holiday pay and pension and full uniform to all employed staff

  • To greet people in a friendly and professional manner on their entry to the venues. You are the first and longest-lasting impression of the venues, your conduct is, therefore, key to establishing the venues as friendly and approachable.
  • To ensure all entrants to the venues meet with correct identification in line with challenge 21.
  • To report and log any individual attempting entry to the venues, who displays signs of being too intoxicated or aggressive to enter. This is an individual judgment and should be based on the individual member’s likelihood to cause damage or distress to themselves, other members, or the building fabric or contents.
  • To manage and maintain customer safety throughout the shifts.
  • To keep an accurate number of customers currently in the venue and log these appropriately.
  • To observe fire regulations. Training will be given during your induction. At all times ensure fire exits are clear of obstruction, and fire equipment is properly positioned and has not been tampered with.
  • To supervise the interior of the venues, ensuring that venue goers comply with venue rules and regulations. These include public safety, resolving disputes, and ensuring the building is respected. Any perceived breach of the above should be reported immediately and or management informed.
  • To check all areas of the building on a regular basis and to ensure any safety hazards are dealt with appropriately.
  • To assist the venue Front of House team, when necessary or required in the clearing of wet spillages or other cleaning.
  • If issued, to use your radio earpiece at all times, and to maintain radio protocol (e.g. acknowledge all transmissions).
  • You are also responsible for assisting with the clearance of people from the venue at the end of the night. Politeness and professionalism are essential at all times.
  • It is also an integral part of door supervisors role that, after the venue has been cleared, you ensure that all logs are complete and any relevant information passed to the venue management team.
  • Conversation between staff members and the public is acceptable to develop a friendly rapport within our business. If the level of conversation reaches a point where it affects the efficiency of the door supervisor team, appears unprofessional to outside observers, or disturbs the fluid pattern of patrols it will be deemed unacceptable.
  • To discuss with the Venue Manager at the beginning of a shift, any special or relevant information regarding event capacity or access restrictions.
  • To ensure the venue is clear of any patrons prior to events starting.
  • To ensure that all entry points are covered by security prior to the event starting.
  • To report any incidents of a medical nature immediately to the Venue Manager, and to assist with the customer safety if required.
  • You are required to conduct a final check of the building for cleanliness and tidiness. This check is to include ensuring all fire exits are clear and shut, all windows are closed, fire extinguishers have not been tampered with and all equipment is stored safely in a locked area. Any damage to the building or its fixtures must be recorded accordingly, and mess reported to the Venue manager.
  • To report any serious incidents to the emergency services if required.
  • To log in to the Pub-Watch radio at the start of every shift.
  • To uphold the random search policy upon entry in line with the venues entry policies.
  • Salary

    £10.20 - £12.50 Per Hour

  • Location


  • Basis

    Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Permanent

  • Reporting To

    Venue and Events Manager

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