Introducing Four New Security Services We Now Specialise In

At Stage Security we pride ourselves in specialising in several areas of the security sector. We not only provide event security UK and venue security, but we also deal with other specific areas such as manned guarding and festival security. We are always interested in exploring new ways of supporting local businesses and the community, ensuring that safety, enjoyment and business profitability are consistently achieved and maintained. We are delighted to announce that we now offer a range of other security services for local businesses.

Find out more about the four new security services we now offer…

Cash in Transit

We now provide a cash in transit security service. The safe collection and delivery of cash is extremely important for the financial security of a business. Car parks, licensed premises and shops are some examples of destinations that are vulnerable hotspots for organised criminals. We will maintain a visible presence and act appropriately where necessary to ensure safe collection and deliveries that remain on schedule. The safety of your staff and the community is our absolute priority.

Mobile Patrols

With our new green initiative, we have bolstered our fleet of vehicles to enable an efficient mobile patrols service. We know that technology such as CCTV and alarm systems can only do so much to prevent crime. The Stage Security patrols team will provide a visible presence on the site of your business premises. Our security experts will check the premises routinely and with a focus on mobility, be able to act as efficiently as possible.

Alarm Response

Setting up an alarm system should be a priority for any business, but what happens if the alarm is triggered? Many businesses may fail to consider this step. We can provide businesses with a fast alarm response service. Whenever the alarm at your premises is activated, we will be the first to know and will be on alert as soon as it happens. We will send out a rapid response team to secure the area, deactivate the alarm and identify the cause.

Key Holding

Our key holding service works in conjunction with our alarm response work. As a priority key holder for your business, we will be the first point of call and entry should an alarm be triggered. This allows us to use our experience, knowledge and safety procedures to identify and reduce any risk as opposed to untrained personnel. We securely hold business keys at all times and will be able to provide access should you misplace your key and be unable to enter the premises.

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If you require any one of these security services or are interested in any other security assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are UK specialists in the security field and have provided work in several locations including, but not limited to, Ipswich, Colchester, Chelmsford and Southend-on-Sea. Simply visit our request a quote page today to begin the process of working with us.