How Our Fleet Vehicles Can Help You With Out of Hours Security

Outside of traditional working hours, it’s common for businesses to entrust their out of hours call outs for keyholding and alarm response to select employees. Whilst this may serve a purpose in terms of issuing the responsibility to trusted employees for call outs, it comes with its own challenges.

Often on a rota basis, keyholders are instructed to be on hand and respond to alarm calls outs when required outside of their usual contracted hours. This can be tricky to arrange, especially around holidays, absences and staff’s private lives and commitments. Not only is it an encroachment on a healthy work-life balance, but it can also mean employees often walk into the unknown unprotected. Lone worker protection rules can often be forgotten, as if two staff members attend to mitigate that risk, it then causes more disruption out of hours. With the working time directive, they would then have to have their full break allowance after a call out meaning knock-on effects the next day in attendance and productivity.

Entrusting your alarm response and keyholding service to Stage Security helps bring peace of mind and protection to the business and property. It reduces the responsibility on the owners and ensures that the business always has on-call protection out of traditional working hours. Stage operates a 24-hour control room team whom are always on hand to escalate alarm activations and dispatch our nearest security officer to your site. Our response vehicles are fully electric, helping with our commitments to becoming carbon neutral and in turn our client’s own commitments on this. We average a response time of 30 minutes across our client portfolio.

Our team of controllers are highly trained and skilled in their roles, ready to mobilise our mobile team who deliver a 24/7 response to your alarm. Having trained security professionals attend the alarm ensures that best practices are followed. Our security officers are experienced and deal with threats in a timely professional manner. Using this experience can often make the difference in detaining would-be threats and ultimately increasing the overall resilience to the site. Our security officers liaise with authorities when required and always ensure the site is safe and secure after every activation.

Stage Security has been supporting local companies with their security requirements for over 21 years and is dedicated to supporting businesses with security solutions that increase protection to their business, staff and customers. To find out more about our current offers and to see how we can support you and your business, get in touch with one of the team today.