How Do I Get Security for My Event?

Are you wondering how to get security for your event? As a specialist company that works in this security area, we have you covered with everything you need to know about event security. We serve commercial customers across the UK with a range of security services, and there is no service more excellent than event security.

No matter the size or nature of your event, security is a vital consideration. Without it, you risk the health and safety of your staff and customers and put yourself in a position where you can be sued. The consequences of neglecting security are far too damaging to avoid.

This article will explain why events require security and how you can get security for your upcoming event.

Why Your Events Need Security

All sorts of events require security, including concerts, festivals, conferences, and fairs. There are many reasons you may need security, such as keeping guests and safe staff and preventing damage to the venue. Adequate security will also reduce your liability should an incident occur. Otherwise, you may face hefty punishment such as a fine along with negative PR. The security presence can depend on the size and the time of the event. For instance, people are more intoxicated and rowdy at night, so you would need a larger and more robust response than during the day. Regardless, you should expect that with large crowds, there will always be opportunities for things to go awry.

Security personnel are there to assess potential security concerts and mitigate the level of risk before and during the event. They will handle various security elements so that you don’t have to, including crowd and traffic management, VIP protection, medical assistance, and environmental hazards, to name just a few. Their presence will ensure that people behave and they will turn away anyone who has bad intentions or is carrying a banned item.

Risks at events often include disruptive guests, criminal activity, fire hazards, and overcrowding. In recent years, the threat of terrorism has also increased. The risk is present whether you have ten guests or 100,000. You are effectively the host, and a disastrous incident that happens to one person would be your responsibility. Ultimately, you are best protected when full-time experts are in place to manage these risks.

With so much at stake, you can’t sacrifice the quality of security to save a bit of money. This approach is guaranteed to backfire in the long run! You should see security as an investment in people’s safety and ensuring a successful event. But with that said, it’s entirely possible to find the right balance between quality and cost.

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How to Get Security for Your Event

Now that you know why event security is so important, it’s time to answer the essential question – how can you get security for your event? You can choose to recruit your own personnel, but this likely isn’t a suitable option for most event planners unless events are regular. The ideal solution is to hire a security company that is qualified and insured, protecting your company against legal complaints. They will know the ins and outs of keeping people safe and preparing for unexpected situations.

To get the services of a security company, you should do thorough research. Find a company that boasts a strong reputation and is experienced in your type of event. Look at online reviews and their previous work to gauge how successful they have been. We have a page for Case Studies that highlight our success in working on a variety of events.

Before making a decision, always talk to the company in detail. At Stage Security, we are more than happy to pick up the phone and explain how we can help you. It’s in the best interests of both of us to find a solution that fits all parties.

We recommend that you hire a bespoke solution. Why pay for something that you don’t need? We don’t believe in advertising fixed packages with set prices because every situation is different. We will always listen to your requirements and provide a solution that fits. We believe in working at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

Once you are happy with what we have offered, we will sign the official documents to confirm our work. We will then get started by carrying out an event security audit, making sure our team is prepared and identifying areas of improvement before the event. During the planning process, we will liaise with you, local authorities and emergency services to make sure the event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

To get started, request a quote from us today. We will listen to what you need and provide a solution tailored to your specification, all without requiring a commitment. We’re confident that you will be happy with how we can help you. It’s never been as easy to get security for your event.

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