In 2001, Mark Peck, our Director, originally established his Door Supervisor, Events Stewarding, Crowd Control and Security business, while also engaging and managing a Team of Door Supervisor staff to provide a complete service for larger events / venues / sites.

On 28th October, 2002, Mark formed Stage Security Services Ltd. in order to establish an improved business structure and trading entity from the financial and marketing viewpoints, to completely take over commercial trading from the Sole Tradership.  Essentially the same types of services were provided through the limited company, but in the processing, Mark gained considerable additional experience as a Company Director in the overall organisation and operation of an incorporated business, with a progressively widening and deepening remit in terms of meting continually expanding Clients’ and statutory requirements for the provision of security at licensed premises / venues and larger sports, entertainment and diversely cultural events.  The company was dissolved at the end of 2009 on the basis that it would not be needed, as part of an expansion plan with a wider European connection, trading through a new, more appropriate business name, as follows:

On 20th May, 2009, Mark set up Stage Security (European) Ltd. with a view to expanding the business to conduct essentially the same range of services as provided through Stage Security Services Ltd. but with more emphasis on working outside of the UK, in Europe and for European organisations seeking to stage events in the UK.  This new trading name ultimately was successful in attracting the new types of business that had been anticipated and so in 2013, Mark decided to use a business name that is more indicative of the actual, current and foreseeable client base and types of services associated with his considerable success to date i.e. working within the events industry and generally within the UK.  Nevertheless, the core business has been very successful, servicing the company’s traditional client base with a virtual 100% client retention rate and a very high degree of repeat business with those clients.

In 2013, while continuing to operate Stage Security (European) Ltd., Mark decided to further develop the business’ brand and image, based on its traditional client base in the events sector.  Therefore, the company will be presented in the marketplace under the trading name of Stage Event Security.  This new branding has also been solidified and protected by the forming, on 20th September, 2013, of a new limited company: Stage Event Security Ltd., although trading will not be undertaken through this new company for the time being.

Our staff wear black clothing while on duty i.e. black shirt, black trousers and shoes.  To distinguish our staff a company tie is worn showing our logo, along with the individual’s SIA License.  We also ensure that high visibility tabards are worn in appropriate situations, and that two-ways radios are carried for communication between staff when required.  Mobile phones are also carried for back-up communication along with ingress / egress counters for measuring the numbers of customers / public entering / leaving the premises for safety and planning purposes.

Compliance is a big part of our business and something we take very seriously.  For more details please contact us through the website.

Trade References

We would be delighted to provide the full contact details of at least two appropriate referees on request.  As a general indication of the esteem in which our services are held, we carry out frequent work for or in connection with: Ipswich Borough Council & Tendring District Council.