6 of the Top Benefits of 24 Hour Security

Security is as vital as ever, and nowadays, many invaluable products and services are available to monitor your property, whether remotely or on-site. Having inadequate security measures can be costly if something happens at your sites, such as thieves stealing items or intruders wrecking your premises.

Many companies turn to modern technologies and services to protect their business and assets, including camera surveillance and 24-hour security with physical guards. These implementations are valuable investments that will save you time and money in the long run by protecting your business and staff at all hours.

A 24-hour security solution will offer several benefits for your business, some of which we will discuss in this article.

What Is 24 Hour Security?

24-hour security can come in many forms and may encompass various services as part of the package, depending on the company you hire and the individual services you invest in. But ultimately, the core understanding of 24 hour security is that it provides a manned security solution any time of the day, all week.

Your business may encounter several hazards, such as theft, criminal damage, unauthorised access, fires, and electrical malfunctions. Dangers like this can set your company back massively, losing revenue and trust, and halting your operations significantly. Even if an issue isn’t dangerous, it’s advantageous to take a proactive approach and fix the problem before it affects your workforce.

One example of a 24-hour security service that you can consider is manned guarding. This service ensures that a security guard is positioned at your premises, offering an on-site solution. The guard will act as a visible deterrent, carry out spot checks and respond instantly in the event of a sudden incident. Another relevant service is mobile patrols which involve guards patrolling a site in a vehicle. Alarm activation and key holding also go hand in hand with 24-hour security, ensuring a swift response if an alarm is triggered and providing access to locked properties.

A complete 24-hour security solution will incorporate several of the abovementioned services and work in tangent with a 24/7 control room. The control room is involved in monitoring, assessing and coordinating. Control room staff will monitor your site, look out for suspicious activity, and trigger guards to respond swiftly and robustly.

We recommend 24-hour security for various industries and businesses, but some typical environments include construction sites, supermarkets, warehouses, demolition zones, and vacant properties.

The Benefits of 24/7 Security Guarding

24-hour security has several benefits, but here are some of the top reasons it can help your company.

1) Deter Criminal Activity

The number one concern for your business is likely criminal activity. Criminals are more likely to target vacant premises and properties with high-value assets, which becomes a significant risk after hours. Crime can include theft, vandalism, arson, and trespassing. The first level of defence for your company is a deterrent. Visible 24/7 guards are proven to deter criminals and prevent them from targeting your premises.

2) Quickly De-escalate Incidents

Incidents happen from time to time, whether man-made or environmental hazards. A quick and robust response from manned personnel is the best way to deal with an ongoing incident. With 24-hour security, incidents will be detected immediately, and guards will be nearby to deal with them, helping to limit the damage to your business. Guards can do everything from apprehending trespassers to resolving electrical malfunctions.

3) Keep Employees Safe

A safe working environment promotes a friendlier and more positive workplace where productivity can thrive. If you invest in 24/7 security, your employees will feel much safer knowing you are taking steps to increase security. If you have employees who work late shifts or are doing overtime, when a crime is more likely to occur, 24-hour security will help them feel at ease.

4) A Dedicated Focus

A dedicated security company will be in charge of your security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to. There’s no stress on your part, and you don’t have to carry out tasks where you lack experience and skills. The security company will have the expertise and attention needed to protect your company. You can focus on what you do best, keeping customers and employees happy and growing sales.

5) Lower Insurance Premiums

Investing in 24-hour security shows insurance companies that you go above and beyond to avoid incidents. This approach increases your attraction as a business that is less likely to be a hassle and won’t submit many claims. After all, insurance companies prefer to award huge payouts. Some companies, therefore, will offer a better rate on your insurance policies if you have 24/7 security.

6) Maintain Compliance & Legal Responsibility

Your business likely has various compliance policies and legal responsibilities you must adhere to. This may involve complying with local laws or regulations, maintaining health and safety for workers and the public, restricting access where necessary, following privacy and data protection regulations, and more. You might even have an insurance policy that states specific security requirements. Implementing 24-hour security helps you comply with all your contractual and legal obligations, ensuring your workplace is safe and you don’t have to worry about any repercussions.

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